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2016-05-11 18:37

"...IT IS FLOATING... LIKE A CLOUD IN ME... I'LL DOWNLOAD." - Gabi Makhult's opinion

Gabi Makhult fine artist had an exhibition last year but this year she also introduced herself as a singer.


Dear ViolettaJenő and SanyiGyuri!

It's a bit difficult to form an opinion because it is rather floating in me like a cloud but now I'll sit back and bring it down. I'll download it.

I always liked Mediawave beacuse of its community form, where you can create something, meet people and get inspired. Any time I went there, I always found programs that surprised me, people who was worth to meet right there or even after. It was like that this time, too, regardless that we were called to act so. For me, making things so concrete is beyond my comfort. This festival has the same profile if you don't ask people to follow this intention. It can't be any different, it has just happened that is's just like that, thanks to you.


2016-05-10 9:17


“Slow river...” is experimenting a new/old form of community togetherness trying to balance the conditions of today’s consumption based trends. We are willing to apply „craftsmanship - based” implementation instead of industrial organization. Started as a „by - product” of the 26 years old Mediawave Selective 2010 in Őriszentpéter, after that within the framwork of Ördögkatlan Festival between 2011-2015. In 2016 we will start at a new location, the Castle of Somogyfajsz and the surrounding natura park. The goal is art-mediation, building communities, living in the nature/living together with nature.

Deatils, workshops, application forms avialable here!


2016-05-04 23:47


Trafik.sk - facebook

Boglárka jusz enjoyed the MEDIAWAVE Film & Music Festival and in is this rainy and unlovely afternoon she  is sending her reminsicences to all those who had and hadn't been there. A You can reach the video in the details.


2016-04-19 014:05

Mediawave has a special spirit - interview with Assif Tsahar from Assif Tsahar and Taatsuya Nakatani duo

Assif Tsahar and Taatsuya Nakatani started their duo 13 years ago. Their musical interactions is a telepathic and mystical phenomenon, rich with imagination, colors and trust. "This is an awesome dialogue that moves vanguard jazz in new and astonishing directions. “ - written by Thom Jurek from All Music Guide magazine. They will play on 26th Mediawave as well, we have asked them for a short interview.



2016-04-19 013:02

Last year the wall put me in East Berlin - interview with Mike Parker from Mike Parker's Trio Theory

Mike Parker is a bassist and composer from New York currently living in Krakow, Poland. His 'Unified Theory' and 'Trio Theory' projects attempt to create one music out of many wide-ranging styles. In April '16 they released 'Alive Out There', a live album recorded on their Fall '15 tour. We asked him about this and about his Mediawave impression. 


2016-04-16 14:15

Happiness without electricity - an interview with Zimu Zhang, director of Once upon a time in Hungary

Amidst the picturesque mountainscape of Hungary is a place called Boldogszer. It’s home for a family of seven whose way of life is more akin to the 18th rather than the 21st century. István and Réka and their children are cut off from the rest of the world, a “matrix” they would say and lack all modern comforts. The children play on meadows and in the woods just like storybooks intended. Life takes its beat from nature and the changing of the seasons. The film tries to bring viewers to experience a daily revolution with a family so brave but also as vulnerably as everyone of us. Interview with Zimu Zhang, co-director of the film Once upon a time in Hungary.


2016-04-01 09:06


The first phase of the third ON THE ROAD Online Film Festival has been over. The audience could vote for the international film program selected thematically until 31 March.  The good news is that you haven't missed the films: you can watch the exciting and varied program until 27 April, the beginning of the MEDIAWAVE Festival in Komárom. The only difference is that you can't vote for them anymore. On the last day of the MEDIAWAVE Gathering, the award winner films can be watched once again in the screening rooms of the Fort Monostor, Komárom. After checking the sites of the films, the viewing results were pretty extreme (between 42 and 9438 views). You can reach the list of winners here. 


2016-03-01 20:22

Films On The Road again - films online until 27 April

The audience can vote for the films of the 3rd ON THE ROAD Online Film Competition between 1 - 31 March. The films can be watched on the On The Road website until 27 April, the beginning of the MEDIAWAVE Gathering.



2015-12-28 10:50



The tradition of "regölés" in Kiscsősz was brought back by Kovács Norbert "Cimbi" by collecting the traditions of the surrounding villages. He, together with this friends, start off from the edge of the village where Cimbi lives and pop in the houses where they are hosted.  Most of the times, as this activity is so exhausting and "fulfilling" they can't get further than the local pub in the middle of the village. It was like this in the end of this year as well, but they continued the party there. The record also reflects that Cimbi has done a big organisation work as not only more and more folk dancers but also more village people and kids joined this new year welcoming tradition. Thus we can say that it is not only about the revival of traditions but experiencing it in the era of informational revolution. We recorded this event and made it public for all those ones interested.


2015-12-24 11:14


Around the end of the year, as we usually do, we try to have a look at our activity, what we have done in 2015. As a civil organisation with the intention of transmitting culture, we aim to give artistic and community experiences and collaborate with other civil organisations. We believe that the cooperations with real backgrounds can be the base of the recreation of the dying community expriences. We are sending some of these, without ranking but in chronological order, under the christmas tree.   - see the details.


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