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9-13 December, 2020

Kiscsősz, Hungary




9-13 December, 2020

Kiscsősz, Hungary



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News - MEDIAWAVE Foundation

2014-05-05 9:55

Desires, fates, shadows – Mediawave short films

by Hegedűs Norbert

The film program of the 24th Mediawave is mirroring the whole Gathering: it’s colorful and juvenile, nevertheless mature with high quality, being progressive with place for traditions as well.


Fabrice Mathieu’s In the shadow (Dans l'ombre) can be linked to the traditions of film noir. The main idea – the story of a shadow, who kills his original after he had enough of his atrocious acts – is brilliant. After the kill the shadow is cast off and is being chased. The setting is like in Lang’s and Miller’s movies, and the story is similar to the classical rebellion stories. With the idea of making the films main character from the genre’s main motive – the shadows - , it opens a whole new perspective: we can watch the antecedent movies from the shadows‘ angle.



Revenge is one of the most basic human desire. What price are we willing to pay for it? This is the question of the Pill of Happiness (Pastilla Fericirii). The TV promises to to chanell te stress of the weekdays. Is it appealing? Yes. Is it liberating? Yes. Is it honest? Are you kidding, it was on television. The self reflective short movie of Cecilia Felmeri is reflecting on society and television using elements of ads and news, with a great chunk of irony.



Everything happens for a reason. An overused cliché or truth? This is the question of Florian Schott’s movie. Our hero/narrator is not in a good shape: his girlfriend is trying to leave him, he is accused of robbery and his cellphone is stolen. It seems the whole world is against him. Or not? Watching this movie can remind us of Crank with Jason Statham (and not just for the fact that our hero’s ringtone is the same as Chev Chelios‘s). The in medias res beggining, the cinematography, colors and the desperate running up and down are all familiar from somewhere. Nevertheless, Everything happens for a reason is definitely something more than a copy.





In Spring a la Carte a young village girl travels to the city, leaving her love behind. The glittering of the city soon becomes dim, and the reality behind the dreams can easily push someone to a moral crisis. But Aliide is not giving up, and her endurance bears fruit. The story is maybe not very original, but the serving is excellent: the musical and dancing sequences makes this movie worthwile the time.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free is the first film of Chia-Ho Tai. With the help of children actors he is showing us the actions of the TheOnly Group, who are selling rotten food and operating a dialysis centrum. With strong visuals the director points out the narrow-mindedness of customers and the cynical inhumanity of the multis. Using shots taking place in a hospital the title can be seen in a new light.





A well-dressed young guy standing on a jetty observing a fishing old man. All of a sudden the old man getting a heart attack, but the young guy, the Collector is doing nothing, except the observing: Death came as planned. This is the starting scene of When the man comes around (Indrivaren), a movie by Michael Rendell. For the Collector, every day is the same, until he meets the charming Amanda, who happens to be on the death list too. So the Collector must come to a fate changing decision. Rendell’s movie is calm and low-keyed about death, fate and free will, about consequences served in a way, which makes you thinkin‘ after the screening.



The only hungarian movie of the block is Away by Ferge Roland is reflecting on one of nowadays biggest problems: the migration of the young. With greyish color palette and gloomy feeling he is showing us a world past hope, from where you can only run away. One after another, children are coming to a bus station. We don’t know who they are, why they wanna go away, but cannot argue with their decision: doesn’t matter where, just away from there.



(Hegedűs Norbert)

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