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9-13 December, 2020

Kiscsősz, Hungary




9-13 December, 2020

Kiscsősz, Hungary



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News - MEDIAWAVE Foundation

2014-05-13 9:10

"...I'm not a music lover film maker, but a film lover music fanatic!" - interview with Jenő Hartyándi festival director

Attila Sirbik's interview

with Jenő Hartyándi Festival director about the changes of the artistic trends of the MEDIAWAVE Gathering, independence and international relations...


photo: Zsófi Szerda (Subbotica)

Mediawave was established as an idependent film festival. How has the concept changed since 1989?


I would specify. In the second year, the motivation of establishing the MEDIAWAVE International Visual Art Festival in 1991 was an old amateur festival, the Festival of Amateur Film Makers from Socialist Countries organised by the previous generation. The first independent music event, our International Jazz Concert Series in Győr between1982 and 83 was as much of importance to organise the first Mediawave. This series brought the most progressive black musicians to the region (Anthony Braxton, Roscoe Mitchell, Lewis Jordan). So we had much more experiences on the field of music then.
We were also influenced by the the art life of Yugoslavia or rather that of Voivodina (Tolnai Ottó, Balázs Attila, Nagy József, Bicskei Zoltán, Döbrei Dénes), where we often dropped around since the 80’s. Furthermore, the underground cultural activity in Kisőrspuszta, was an example to follow: till today, it has resisted to the charming opportunity to become a festival.

We, unfortunately, haven’t been able to avoid this trap, however after 20 years, torn by international and national crisis and with re-evaluating our activity, I feel that we managed to return or so to say walk on the Kisőrspuszta-road again. For two years, rejecting the festival title, we have been using GATHERING and trying to fill this expression with new content. I think this year we were able to realise our ideas but we still have lots of things left to experiment with.
Let me return to the name. I myself don’t really like the title MEDIAWAVE which has been used since the second year based on a journalist’s idea. It turned out to be a bad idea, but no way to change it. Since ’97 we’ve been using the expression ANOTHER CONNECTION, but the audience keeps calling us MEDIAWAVE. We continue to introduce a new name gradually.


Later on, beside the film festival, music started to play an important role and today it seems as the balance has shifted to music. Or am I wrong?



Yes, you must be wrong. I’m personally not a music lover film maker but a film lover music fanatic. It has always been like this, even though I’m also prospering as a film maker. From time to time, other journalists have tried to set the orientation of our festival. It may derive from the lack of information. In fact, the contrary is true. We don’t want to waste the film at the expense of music, but we are about to renew it and find new forms of cinema, which has been dying everywhere and especially in Hungary. If we hadn’t been so determined, we could have abandoned the film part of the festival 3-4 years ago after the withdrawal of state supports from film profession. Instead, we’ve been attempting to find solutions to keep and attract audience under border-fortress circumstances. It’s easy to see the reason that we have to struggle with much bigger and different mediation problems than in a big city. At the same time, with our initiation, the ON THE ROAD Film Festival we managed to break through our walls. It is also good to know for the ignorant eye, that it is much easier to find audience for an intimate music program than to attract people to a dark room. We put twice bigger energy and money to organise the film program than the music part. The result is that the film submission has been growing continuously. This year we received 1533 entries from 80 countries.



How much do the Hungarian film profession and the press care about the Mediawave and where do they place it within their circuit?



They moderately pay attention to us. A Hungarian film maker in general, reasonably aims toward Cannes and other A category festivals. Also the critic. Bigger respect, more comfortable hotel, better catering – it’s obviously more attractive. Longing to the west has the national history. I haven’t thought it serious for a long time that our small, irregular, star-free and informal rural film muster would be able to pass the stimulus threshold of a film maker from Budapest. Remember that we are living in a country where people eat Wienersnitzel every Sunday, with a capital in its bubble of conceit. There we wouldn’t be able to bring impulses.

The number of entries is a proof that the international film professionals keep count of us. It is also worth to think why we received over 200 French submissions and only 100 Hungarians. Our international reputation is alright due to our artistic and quality attitude opposed to the distribution-interest based one. We early realised that we mustn’t imitate the Cannes-type festivals. Many people walk into this trap ignoring other possibilities and circumstances. It is also not irrelevant that we are able to radiate pretty strong mood and spirit as opposed to screening films one after the other. Internationally we get positive feedbacks and we have been involved to several EU applications lately. Interesting problem that our virtue outside the country is our handicap at home but it has always been like this in the history of Mediawave.




How much can the event be independent and what compromises do you have to make regarding the actual cultural artistic scene?



The event hasn’t been totally sovereign. We believed in its independence only right after the regime changed and for a short while, blindfolded. Today you can only stay independent when you are business-oriented, but it isn’t true either as in that case business-interest governs the program and not the wish to spread culture.
We had the historic chance to become a popular festival. Luckily we have been so clumsy that we couldn’t really float on business waters. This way we can be intellectually independent. We might have been lucky as we always find supporters in the actual political sphere who brought us through hard times which we’ve had a lot. They’ve never asked for anything in return of their support so we have never had to make compromises.
Compromises often derived from our relationship with the audience, which, most of the times, proved to be wrong. Today, we have a new attitude: we wouldn’t only like to spread culture but also intend to educate and build audience with our GATHERING and this year it was quite visible. There were periods which met our ideas. But we are a forever experimenting form, and perfection is not our aim. Our main purpose is to give a bigger space to involve the audience as active participants and we found out complex systems to realise this idea. Our main endeavour is that the individual shouldn’t be a small dot in the crowd but could become an active part of the community.
This year we saw nicely working examples.





What connections do you maintain with foreign festivals? Are there similar events abroad?



We live a regular international life. We have been an active an initiative members of the EJN (Europe Jazz Network), the organisation of jazz festivals and clubs. We realise many international co-operations. It is also our purpose to help Hungarian musicians in Europe. I think the iron curtain is still there in its invisible form and it is strongly in the Hungarian musicians’ mind. The Coordination of European Film Festivals collapsed like ten years ago but a network of cooperative festivals has been forming. The list of this year’s jury members supports this statement: festival organisers from Milano, Sofia, Huesca and Torun judged our selection. The jury of Hungarian films were made up of international professionals.


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