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Die Piloten

The Pilots

Director: Cordula KABLITZ-POST
94:33 min. 2007, Colour,
with dialogue, German , English subtitled
Distributor: Dagmar Boguslawski

Genre: Creative Documentary about multimedia-artist Christoph Schlingensief

In January 2007, 10 years after the legendary German talk show satire Talk 2000, performance artist Christoph Schlingensief starts the art-project Die Piloten& at the Academy of Fine Arts Berlin. His aim is to examine how artists, pop-musicians, filmmakers and politicians turn to media figures - a survey on society. For the German feuilletons Schlingensief is still the enfant terrible, although he established himself as one of the most radical and important German artists and directors at the latest by putting on stage Wagners operas at the Bayreuth Festival.

In Die Piloten Schlingensief invites guests such as politician Claudia Roth, director Oskar Roehler, author Rolf Hochhuth, Academy president Klaus Staeck, performance artist Hermann Nitsch, author and Holocaust-activist Lea Rosh, actress Katharina Schüttler, actor Rolf Zacher, TV-pastor Jürgen Fliege, rapper Sido and musician Gotthilf Fischer to a series of talk shows. According to Schlingensiefs reputation, to be outspoken, respectless and charming at the same time, none of the guests have an idea what will happen on stage, but the expectations are high. Some are afraid, some are curious, or both. While turning around in circles on the revolving stage at the Academy of Fine Arts Berlin false and true VIPs with false and true stories gain the mistrust of the audience. Conflicts break out behind the scenes of the show, proofing the famous incalculability of Christoph Schlingensief.

Starting as an entertainment event, the project suddenly turns out to become more serious on the second day. Christoph Schlingensief hears that his father is laying on his death bed and leading German green-party politician Claudia Roth grieves for her friend Hrant Dink, a journalist who has got shot to death the same day in Turkey. Schlingensiefs only topic in the show is death and his father. After this performance Christoph Schlingensief stops the project to be with his father in Oberhausen.

Half a year later, in July 2007, the last missing Piloten-show takes place at the Academy of Fine Arts with media expert Boris Groys as a co-host. Full of contempt about his own exposure in the former Piloten-shows Schlingensief presents the audience highlights of the shows and analyzes with media expert Boris Groys his own medial sell-out of his personal feelings. The conclusion of Boris Groys and Christoph Schlingensief: to believe that media makes you immortal is the religion of our time.

Cordula Kablitz-Post developed and directed the talk show satire Talk 2000 together with Christoph Schlingensief, in 1997. During Die Piloten she documents Schlingensief's emotional and artistic complexity and explores the borderlines of profiling oneself in media.


2001 foundation avanti media fiction GmbH (head of company).
2000 attendance at Mike Newells Masterclass for directors, European Film Academy.

since 1995 avanti media film- and TV-production Berlin, together with Edda Baumann (head of company, director, producer).
1989 Master of Arts at Freie Universität Berlin; German and English studies, drama and film studies.

director creative documentaries and innovative TV-programmes (a selection)

2006 Dani Levy Mein Leben/ My Life
2005 Helmut Berger Mein Leben/ My Life
2005 Rammstein - Keine Lust, creative documentary on controversial German based rock-band Rammstein, 20 min., Released on DVD.
2004 The silver of Taxco, creative documentary
2004 Into the night with Udo Kier and Grayson Perry
2003 Into the night with Nina Hagen and Katharina Thalbach
1999 Ohne Grenzen denken/ Thinking beyond frontiers
1997 TALK 2000, experimental talk show satire with Christoph Schlingensief and guests


2006 Adolf Grimme Preis Spezial for Into the night.../Au coeur de la nuit...
2006 Talent Movies Of The Week, 3 short films for the Talent Campus at the Berlin International Film Festival. One of them High Maintenance received the Student's Academy Award in 2007.
2001-2003 Sophiiiie!, theatrical feature, 35 mm, 107 min.
Director: Michael Hofmann.
Awards: Munich Film Festival 2002 for best director and best leading actor.
Mediawave Festival, Hungary 2003 for best director.

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