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2008-04-26 19:00
Location: PORT.hu Stage - University Concert Hall /former synagogue/ - Széchenyi István University Concert Hall & Vasilescu collection /Municipal Museum of Art exhibition hall/ - 9025 GYŐR (HUN), Kossuth u. 5.


Genre: jazz

David Murray - saxophone, Lafayette Gilchrist - piano, Jaribu Shahid - bass, Andrew Cyrille - drums
This is the name of a record label which straight away brings to mind the musicians which it features. The leading lights of Great Black Music recorded their music for posterity on this Italian label, whose studios were in Milan. Black Saint is a label which is familiar to fans of an open-ended sort of jazz, which runs through all the colours from green to orange via blue.

The saxophonist David Murray’s music is a mix of blues, jazz, and gospel; he was born on the West Coast, was brought up under the influence of the Christian Church, then emancipated by the libertarian trends of the 1970s, and became a leading light on the New York scene, the summit of jazz, in the 1980s. Since then, he settled for a while in Paris, and then moved on, looking for new adventures in sound… But he doesn’t try to wipe out his past – without roots, you don’t have a future.
From the end of the ‘70s to the beginning of the ‘90s, David Murray recorded seventeen albums for the Italian label, which brought him a certain degree of fame, with the World Saxophone Quartet, the group to which he has remained attached, body and soul, but also with Randy Weston, Dave Burell, Lawrence “Butch” Morris, Olu Dara, Anthony Davis, Craig Harris, John Hicks, James “Blood” Ulmer, Don Pullen, Steve Coleman and many others… Most of these albums have since became to be more difficult to find in record shops. But they are all now available again on Internet as digital , each record accompanied by comments by David. What a store of moving souvenirs of musician colleagues who are no longer with us! It was time to reorganize this catalogue, to make it available for the younger generation, and for those who enjoyed the old vinyl LPs, who have since learned to adapt to the CD era. Yes, of course, but what would the past and the future be without the present?
This is why the saxophonist has decided to revive the Black Saint Quartet, which has already existed for more than twenty years, both for live performances and on records, with a new approach which revisits the numbers that were first performed for this label but also features new compositions. David Murray has also just recorded a new album in New York, in January 2007. It’s entitled “Sacred Ground”, and features two key members of the Black Saint Quartet, old friends who are an illustration of the open attitude of the saxophonist, the bassist Ray Drummond and the percussionist Andrew Cyrille. This is jazz built up on its old traditional roots, but also new open and polyrhythmic jazz … To play along with these two who do far more than just accompanying David, Lafayette Gilchrist replaces the late John Hicks... This young pianist from Baltimore has all the history of jazz and a good part of its future at his fingertips. And to make this «crowning achievement» perfect, the quartet has a guest artist, the queen of a subtle sort of jazz, who has already sung on some tracks on the Black Saint label. With a technique marked by soul and folk music, Cassandra Wilson interprets the words written by Ishmael Reed, the surrealist writer, whose incisive style influenced a whole generation, including Black Saint David Murray, with her well-known subtle approach …




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