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The first "ON THE ROAD" Online Film Festival AUDENCE AWARDS

The audience had the opportunity to vote for 76 films in 6 categories in the ON THE ROAD Online Film Festival, a new initiative of the MEDIAWAVE International Film Festival. Athough the voting was closed yesterday the films can be watched until 30 April click here!)
1000-2000 people watched the audience-awarded films in a month, and Fertility by Teréz Murányi Matza was the most watched films with 2074 viewers.




The result of the audience voting is as follows
(click the titles to reach the films):


BEST FILM - Szabó Károly (HUN/ROM):


film about herbals and healers from Transylvania


BEST CINEMATOGRAPHER - Peyman Abaszade cinematographer in Mohammad Farahani (IRN):

THE THEFT short fiction film


BEST ACTOR - Maiken Schmidt actress in Doris Tääker (EST):

SPRING A LA CARTE short fiction film


MOST BEAUTIFUL ROAD - Murányi-Matza Teréz (ROM): FERTILITY (animation)


THE HARDEST ROAD - Boros Ferenc & Rozmán László (HUN):

YELLOW, RED, BLUE – The ways of József Ferkovics (portrait of a roma painter)


THE STRANGEST ROAD - Mirror Su (USA): SNOW BOAT (animation)


Congratulation to the winners, their films will be screened during the MEDIAWAVE Gathering between 29 April and 3 May in the Fort Monostor, Komárom. The films in the on the road competition will also be evaluated by a professional jury.


Murányi Matza Teréz (ROM): FERTILITY

2014-03-30 15:34

2 DAYS TO VOTE!- “On the Road” MEDIAWAVE Online Film Festival – status report about the voting

VOTE, because

only two days left to vote for the films of the ON THE ROAD MEDIAWAVE Online Film Festival.

You can vote for 76 films in 5 categories. However, films can be watched until 30 April on the website of the online festival, click here. Check the trailer, too!


The 10 most voted films so far are made public again below in the details.

2014-03-22 22:53

VOTE!- “On the Road” MEDIAWAVE Online Film Festival – status report about the voting

VOTE, because

10 days left to vote for the films of the ON THE ROAD MEDIAWAVE Online Film Festival.

You can vote for 76 films in 5 categories. However, films can be watched until 30 April on the website of the online festival, click here. Check the trailer, too!

VOTE, because

the film makers also would like to know your opinion and made their films for you!

VOTE, because

The more VOTES we receive, the more realistic picture we get about the popularity of the films.

The 10 most voted films are made public and we’ll keep reporting on the actual results until the deadline.

2014-03-14 022:09


On the 14th March, in the Museum of Fine Arts,  Zoltán Balog, the minister of human resources, distributed the national prizes for outstanding activities on the field of film art and culture. Jenő Hartyándi festival director, film director, cinematographer received the Béla Balázs Award. The same award was given to László Csáki, animation and documentary film director, university teacher, former MEDIAWAVE student, while one of the founders of the MEDIAWAVE-spirit Dresch MihályFerenc Liszt-awarded jazz musician, received the Excellent artist prize.

By clicking the link under the names of the awarded persons, you will find a film or concert from each of them. 



Hartyándi Jenő - Csáki László - Dresch Mihály

2014-03-05 17:46

HUMBLE GRUMBLE ON THE MEDIAWAVE GATHERING - 1 MAY, 2014 Fort Monostor, Komárom, Hungary

Hailing from Ghent, Belgium, Humble Grumble set out to follow the path laid by influential performers the likes of Frank Zappa and King Crimson with their unique blend of progressive rock / fusion.
Although progressive rock is generally regarded as an open and unpredictable music genre, there are patterns and limitations. Unlike many contemporary exponents of the genre, Humble Grumble refuses to get stuck in a box or to fall into the trap of emulation.
Instead, the band strives to use genres as styles in a way that is not unlike the colors available to an impressionist painter: The band happily welcomes shades of jazz, rock and roll bursts, folk song-writing and much more.
The band stemmed from an input of guitarist and singer Gabor Vörös, who finally settled into Belgium after wandering around Europe for several years. After a wide range of musical project and experiences, Humble Grumble finally started to find their voice and shape.
Following several demos, ideas and line-up changes, the band grew more and more experimental, striving to voice Gabor's wild imagery and eclectic vision. The band is known for often relying on extended line-ups of guest musicians to keep things interesting and on the edge.



2013-12-30 14:15


Until New Year's Eve, we have got 800 submissions to the MEDIAWAVE 2014. According to the previous years' experiences, now it seems that we may receive more films than ever before. The selection committee has already started to watch the films and the results are to be revealed in the end of February. Don't forget that the entry deadline is 10 January!


2013-12-05 11:10

ON THE ROAD - Call for entry in the MEDIAWAVE 2014 Special Category

ON THE ROAD is the special theme of MEDIAWAVE 2014 recently announced for film makers as well as in other areas of our program, which intends to strenghten the spirit of the Gathering. A little bit differently, with a new system, we expand the Fortfest to online gathering for a while.


We are waiting for films in all genres to this category until 10 January, 2014 (entry form is availbale here) which present ’being on the road’, let it be either a physical or intellectual journey or individuals, communities, minorities travelling temporarily or constantly, from free will or under pressure. Migration, emigration, crossroads or parallel directions, creation processes as well as intellectual or spiritual paths.
For us, it is even more interesting if they avoid the highways of media industry and the colorful boulevards of film market.


For further information, please, click the details.

2013-11-07 20:10


MEDIAWAVE is the special guest at Hungarian Film Week organised in Bucharest, Romania between 10-17 November.  At the first night, a MEDIAWAVE mood photo exhibition is going to be opened in the Hungarian Institution. The pictures were taken by Radu Igazság, jury member and workshop teacher of the Mediawave Festivals. Next day, a three-day long music workhop will start with Miklós Both, Hungarian guitarist the top of which will be a closing concert in the Peasant House club. On the 11th, Tuesday, Gábor Deésy (MEDIAWAVE) will hold a Hungarian wine tasting. Next day, György Durst will present the films of the Duna Workshop and Jenő Hartyándi will show the the best short films of this years' MEDIAWAVE. On the 13th, Hungarian short films in selection of MEDIAWAVE are going to be screened.

The film week will be organised for the 7th time by the Cultural Ministry of Romania in cooperation with the Hungarian Institute in Bucharest. You can reach the full program here.


2013-11-07 019:05


We received the following news from our Hungarian-born good friend, exhibitor and jury member living in Iran.:


"Dear Friends,

An exhibition titled MODERNITES PLURIELLES 1905-1970 has just been opened in Paris. It can be visited until January. They selected paintings from all over the world like India, Turkey, South America and East Europe.

Five artsists' works from Iran are exhibited including mine as Iranian painter. I am proud that I have contributed to the glory of this culturally rich country and that it is a honour to Hungary as well!

My painting is from my first period, I usually call 'From West to East' (1967-1978).

The title is Lambhead Cooker (Kallepaz) 100x150cm, mixed technic, 1974

I wish you all the best,


You can see the painting in the details.


2013-10-02 9:43


Hereby we would like to honour the memory of our friend, Tuncel Kurtiz, died on the 27th of September. We met this generous great man during the 'Festival on Wheels' in Kars, East Turkey, where we were eagerly studying the coomon roots of Hungarian and Turkish language and made a short film together in a local tea house. Here you can see this funny film, Tamam, featuring the Turkish star, Tuncel Kurtiz.

A year later he was our guest at the MEDIAWAVE Festival, as the grand vizier of a group of Turkish artsists. The festival visitors immediatelly surrendered to the Turkish troop...

Unfortuatelly, from among this group, an other friend of us, Reyent Bölükbasi also passed away last year. Let's remember them together with their performance at Mediawave 2004.

May you rest in peace, dear friends!

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