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Die Spieler

The Gamblers

Rendező: Sebastian BIENIEK
87 min. 2007 35mm, színes,
szöveges, German/Russian, English felírattal
Forgalmazó: Sebastian Bieniek - TENLETTERS filmproduktion
Gyártó: Sebastian Bieniek - TENLETTERS filmproduktion
Forgatókönyv: Sebastian Bieniek based on a novel by. F. Dostojewskij
Operatőr: Vojta Pokorny & Camilo Sottolichio
Zeneszerző: Zarko Jovasevic
Vágó: Sebastian Bieniek
Sebastian Bieniek - Alexej
Frederike Nass - Polina
Thomas B. Hoffmann - Mr. Astley
Viatcheslav Demidov - General
Ninel Genina Demidov - Babushka
Sven Gerhardt - Des Grieux
Uta Ziegler - Blanche

The General, accompanied by his two children and stepdaughter Polina, visits Baden-Baden. Supposedly to take advantage of the cure available there – isolated from the world. But evidence is piling up that the group of Russians, accompanied by a supposedly French businessman and a French beauty, is actually in Baden-Baden for nancial purposes. Perhaps hoping to hit big money in the casinos or, perhaps, wanting to secure a social position through newly woven family ties.
In the midst of this world – to an outsider, impenetrable – the house tutor of the General, Alexej Iwanovitsch, once ruled by an uncontrollable addiction to gambling, falls in love with his employers stepdaughter, Polina. Alexej understands very quickly that he has entered a world ruled by monetary worries and dreams and that, offhand, he is not Polina’s perfect suitor. To him it seems that not only his social position, but also his self-imposed ban from the casino, stand in his way.
A man needs money.


Not until the rich Russian great-aunt Babuschka is dead does it seem that the General’s money problems are settled and Alexej is completely out of the race for Polina’s favor. But it turns out as no one had expected...

Sebastian BIENIEK

SEBASTIAN BIENIEK was born in Czarnowasy, Poland, where he spent his childhood before at age 13 he and his family emigrated to Germany. His interest in art, specically painting, began very early and he had participated in numerous exhibitions by the age of 20. Art school at HbK Braunschweig followed, with a major in photography, followed by a master of arts at the UdK in Berlin. His rst videos were made at the Udk. He worked abroad thereafter and received a working scholarship from the German-French youth work in Rennes, where many works were completed.
Sebastian Bieniek began studies at the German Film and Television Academy in 2002. THE GAMBLERS is his rst feature lm.
TENLETTERS filmproduktion


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