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Zedj kamenog mora
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The Thirst of a Stone Sea
Montenegro / Serbia
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Cuce, (Montenegro) - the remote mountainous region where 17th century met the 21st, where the reality is often surrealistic.
One goat shepherd mourns for heroic times and great men.
One man builds a road through the harsh rocky soil with his bare hands.
One office is always open.
One young woman is ready to live in a cave for love.
One boy is obsessed by the roots.
One charcoal maker surveys the world politics...
How long can they remain untouched!? Is the globalization approaching...?!

Major screenings:
IDFA Amsterdam, Nov 2007
TV Montenegro, Jan 2008
Vladimir PEROVIC

(1955, Cetinje, Montenegro) graduated in film & TV directing from Faculty of Drama Arts, Belgrade, Serbia. He directs creative documentaries, and occasionally short fictions. His films were screened at the festivals worldwide. He won 37 prizes and awards both in Yugoslavia (Serbia & Montenegro) and abroad. Used to teach Documentary art at BK Academy of Arts in Belgrade. Jury member in Yugoslavia, Germany, Russia, Iran, Romania… He lives in Belgrade, Serbia, and works both in Serbia and in Montenegro.

Selected filmography:
1989: Kuca (A mansion);
1992: Saga o Samuraju i Glibu (The Saga on Samourai & the Mud);
1996: Hodocasce (Pilgrimage);
1997: U/desavanje glasa (Tuning Voices / Rigging Votes);
2000: Ura (The Clock); Sin (Son); Allegria (Allegria);
2001: Ljubav, zavet (Love, Vow); Mali kvar na mojoj sjajnoj zvezdi (A Slight Malfunction on My Shiny Star);
2002: Cuvar (The Guard);
2003: Nestajanje (Vanishing);
2004: Zov (The Call);
2005: Nastajanje (Creating);
2006: Dim (The Smoke); Ribar Djordje razgoni mrak (Fisherman George scatters the Gloom); Koraci (The Steps);
2007: Zedj kamenog mora (The Thirst of a Stone Sea)

Vladimir PEROVIC
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Film adatok

Director: Vladimir PEROVIC

78 min. 2007 DV, Colour, szöveges, Montenegrin, English felírattal


Production: Vladimir Perovic

Screenplay: Vladimir Perovic

Operatőr: Miodrag Trajkovic

Zeneszerző: Dimitrije Mikan Obradovic

Vágó: Aleksandar Uhrin

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