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Carta Azulejo
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Tile Mail / Csempelevél
Brazil / Hungary / Spain
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This film, playing in Lisbon, is Nobert’s Super 8 film-letter, with the help of which he try to take up contact with his distant family.
With the guidance of our directorial and photographic assistance, this man, who has emigrated to Portugal 10 years ago, originating from the Amazonas region, Ji-Parana formulate his personal experiences of his migration and his new environment using cinematographic possibilities. Nobert has learnt the art of painting of Portuguese tiles, the azulejos with which he earns his living until today. Through Nobert’s painting, the visual world of the film base on the art and decoration tradition of azulejos painting. We chose to construct Nobert’s Lisbon vision, using expressive, figurative tile-ornaments found on buildings, metro-stations, in apartments, on every corner.
Besides, the azulejos painting in Portuguese history shows an interesting parallel and an example of the possibilities for the integration of the cultures of today’s immigrants in Europe. The history of tile-painting tells the story of connection and interaction between cultures. The Portuguese azulejos, were influenced from outside from the beginning on. The system of motives, its unique expression, which Portugal is rightly proud of, was created through the integration of Spanish, Dutch, Arabic, Indian, Chinese, Brazilian and African motives into national art.

Csempelevél Csempelevél

28.11.1978, Budapest


- Since September 2002: student of photography at the University of Film and Drama of Budapest. Professors: Francisco Gozon, Tamás Babos, Péter Gothár, Péter Tímár
- 2003 – participant at a DP master course in Budapest. Professors: László Kovács, Vilmos Zsigmond
- 2000 – 2002: Kodolányi János College at Székesfehérvár, Faculty of Communication
- 1998 – 2000: Studies of photography and video at Szellemkép College


As a director:
- Zuhanás a környéken /Fall in the neighbourhood/ (portrait of Bálint Bircsák) – 2004
- Lanterna- Ahol a magány se jár/Lanterna - Where not even loneliness would stay
/ (documentary, HD)- 2007
- Csempelevél/ Tile Letter/(experimental super 8 documentary) - 2007

As a DP:
- Kő hull apadó kútba /Stones fall into a shallowing well/ (short fiction, dir.: Anna Kis) - 2004
- Zuhanás a környéken – 2004
- E.U.N.H. – (short fiction, dir.: Anna Kis, 16mm, BW)- 2006
- Lanterna- Ahol a magány se jár/Lanterna - Where not even loneliness would stay
(documentary, HD)- 2007
- Egy kis jó/ Little piece of good (short fiction, dir.: Anna Kis, 16mm )
- Pig Life/(documentary, dir.: Kristóf Kovács) - 2007
- Csempelevél/ Tile Mail (experimental super 8 documentary) - 2008

As a producer:
- Lanterna- Ahol a magány se jár/Lanterna - Where not even loneliness would stay
(documentary, HD)- 2007

Judit Feszt, 26.03.1978


"Detras de tus ojos (Behind your eyes) " animation short movie
activity: photographie, editing, animation
First price of the festival of experimental movies:
Certamen de Video 180 Val del Omar (Granada, Spain)

"Miradas de Velázquez (Wievs of Velazquez) " animation short movie
activity: photographie, editing, animation, 3D

"Diluvio electrónicó (Electronic flood)" short movie
activity: photographie, editing, animation, 3D
First price of the festival of short movies on internet:
Cortos en internet del 7º Festival internacioanal
de jóvenes realizadores de Granada.

“Flamenca mecánica (Mechanic flamenco dancer)” animation short movie
activity: directing, editing, animation, 3D

“Csempelevél (Tile Mail)” super 8 documentary
activity: directing, editing

Working as freelance graphic designer.

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Film adatok
Film adatok

Director: SOMOGYVÁRI Gergely, FESZT Judit

25 min. 2008 BetacamSP, Black & White - Colour, szöveges, Portugal, Hungarian felírattal

Distribution: Kép-Árnyék Bt.

Production: Kép-Árnyék Bt.

Screenplay: Somogyvári Gergő

Operatőr: Somogyvári Gergő

Zeneszerző: Dead Combo

Vágó: Feszt Judit

Narrátor: Nober Sanders

Szereplők: Nober Sanders, Joana Sanders

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