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GAZSÓ Zsuzsanna
MEDIAWAVE Alapítvány
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Documentary / Music / Dance Hartyándi Jenő (Hungary)

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Documentary / Experimental Gabriel MASCARO (Brazil)
Among penitence and celebration of life, na immersion in the biggest religious manifestation of Recife, The festival of our lady of Conception. A gathering of memories with the visceral and festive religiousness of the people of the Brazilian northeast.

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Documentary FAZEKAS Gergely (Hungary / Turkey)
Short documentary presenting the performance and other moments of the East-Turkish band Sarikamis at MEDIAWAVE Festival’s 1. May at the Monostori Erőd (Fort Monostor) in Komárom. The band plays authentic Kurdish folk music and the members live in the town of Sarikamis, in the Eastern part of Turkey mostly inhabited by Kurdish people.

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145 kHz 2008
Experimental Ian BELL (United Kingdom)
Still image, moving sound. A hypnotic, meditative signal is transmitted continuously on 145 kHz long wave. A still image lasting 1 second for each kHz of carrier wave frequency, of the interior of a radio, illuminated only by the glow of the valves, is accompanied by the moving sound of the demodulated signal!

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Documentary / Experimental BORSA Judit, HEVESI Mirtill, MAKAI Melinda, PASZI, SÓS István, TÓTH Péter (Hungary)
In Rábapatona chickens and parabola dishes are disappearing day by day. Is the water-monster, living in many people's memory a legend or reality? That is what the film makers are trying to find out.

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Short Fiction Elsa AMIEL (France)
A man in a room. While observing his body, he sees his whole life… maybe even his madness. He is Angelo, an old, forgotten boxer. His memories, his hopes, his fantasies, his freedom prepare him for his last fight. The disturbing and crucial moment when Angelo lets go…

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Animation Nadan PINES (Izrael)
A chef and a waiter join forces in order to change the bleak future of their baked ducks.

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Documentary Juhász Jozefa & Bogdán Zoltán (Hungary)

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Documentary Papp Róbert (Hungary)

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Short Fiction Hartyándi Mátyás (Hungary)

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