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During a film course in 1994, Yvette Bíró showed us "Les Trois femmes" (Three women), a black-and-white photo taken by Lucien Hervé (Audincourt, France) in 1951, and gave us the task of shooting a short film based on it. The three women are standing at the outskirts of a village, looking out of the picture into three directions. THis six-minute short shows what the Hervé photo does not.
IVÁNYI Marcell

Born in 1973 December 30 in Budapest.

Hungarian Academy of Drama and Film, Budapest - Film and Television Directing Department
Klotildliget Drama School - Dramaturgy, Drama Writing, Acting

Palme d'Or for the Best Short Film, WIND, Cannes Festival, 1996
Main Prize, up-and-coming Festival, WIND, Hannover, 1997
Scholarship for Screenwriting, Cinéfondation Résidence, Paris, 2000


Filmography as Director
Budapest, egy nagyváros halála / Budapest, Death Of A City - fiction, 5 min., BetaSp, 1991
Hajóavatás / Naming of A Boat - fiction, 5 min., b/w 16mm, 1992
Zoli & Jenci - documentary, 27 min., BetaSp, 1992
Aranykor / Golden Age Restaurant - fiction, 10 min., b/w 16mm, 1993
Utolsó kör / The Last Round - fiction, 15 min., BetaSp, 1994
Black & White - fiction, 8 min., b/w 35mm, 1995
Szél / Wind - fiction, 6 min., b/w 35mm, 1996
Az ördög szemébe / Devil's Eyes - music video, 5 min., BetaSp, 1997
Harminchárom kép / Thirty-three Pictures - fiction, 52 min., col. 35mm, 1998
story - fiction, 25 min., BetaSp, 2000
Cry Me A River – documentary, 10 min., BetaSp, 2002
NahTe – documentary, 26 min., BetaSp, 2003
Ballada – fiction, 12 min., col. 35mm, 2005

DURST György
Duna Műhely
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Animation Isabel HERGUERA (Spain)
A blind man accidentally loses his guide-dog. Alone in the dark in a big city, he discovers that his strength lies in recognising his own vulnerability.

5 (1)
Documentary / Dance NAGY Péter (Hungary / Spain)

5 (2)
Documentary Hartyándi Jenő (Hungary)
Participants: ALBERT ÁGNES (Kolozsvár, Romania) CSANAKI MELINDA (Győr) GALICZA ESZTER (Páty) GUNYHÓ KOLOS (Nyúl) RATKA LUGUMERSKI (Subotica, Serbia) PALO MARKOVIČ (Bratislava, Slovakia) MELEGH NOÉMI NAPSUGÁR (Budaörs) PATRICK MORĂRAŞ (Bucharest, Romania) SZÉKELY ÁGOTA (Győr) TÓTH BALÁZS (Budapest) TENKE NORMAN (Tatabánya) VÍG GÁBOR (Subotica, Serbia) MIRELA VLAD (Bucharest, Rom...

5 (2)
Documentary / Dance Szalai Zsolt "Zsömi" (Japan / Hungary)
Bata Rita is a unique, acknowledged independent choreographer in the Hungarian contemporary dance scene. She is among the ones who has strong international experience, which was gained through performance invitations and grant programmes. She had a long period in Japan and Thailand in the last year with her own performances and pieces and also co-oproduction works. One of the l...

4.7 (3)
Short Fiction / Experimental Kilián Lilla Johanna (Hungary)

4.5 (2)
Documentary Bana József (Hungary)
„War, war, war… 1792-1815” Performer: PROF. DR. HABIL. ZACHAR JÓZSEF D. SC. The Town Archive of Győr has organised scientific conference with the collaboration of other countries’ famous institutes for 12 times within the frames of Mediawave. The conference’s theme is the 200th anniversary of Battle in Győr, happened in 1809 in the time of Napoleon...

4.5 (2)
Documentary / Music Szalai Zsolt "Zsömi" (Hungary)
Judith Insell viola player and Joe Fonda bassist are the two prominent individualities of New York's jazz scene. They visited Győr with their common project, Dark Wood Explorations on the 15th of February 2009. Their music is dark, improvised, rich in folk and classical elements and has an unusual switch of roles: the violin plays the lower, and the bass play the higher parts of the composition...

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Experimental NAGY Péter (Hungary / Romania)
This film etude documents the ambiance of a park in Kolozsvár as of the fall of 2002.

Film adatok

Director: IVÁNYI Marcell

6 min. 35mm, szöveg nélkül

Distribution: Duna Műhely

Operatőr: Haraszti Zsolt

Vágó: Iványi Marcell

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