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Good bye Mama! / Viszlát mama!
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Viszlát mama! Viszlát mama! Viszlát mama!

Kornél Szilágyi ( Igor Buharov )

2004 – Intermedia Department, Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest
1990 – 1992 Chef, Rózsa Károly Technical School for Catering

2004 - Curator of Premier Plan Foundation
2003 – Member of the Studio of Young Artists Association
1999 – Member of Hungarian Moving Picture Foundation
1997 – 2000 Board Member, Hungarian Independent Film and Video Association

I was born in Budapest, in 1971. After graduating from secondary school I trained as a chef, then I tried to learn to play the saxophone.
At the moment I am a student at the Intermedia Department of the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts.

Nándor Hevesi ( Ivan Buharov )

1993 – 1997 Drawing and Visual communication, Eszterházy Károly Teachers’ Training College

2000 – Member of the Studio of Young Artists Association
1999 – Member of Hungarian Moving Picture Foundation
1997 – 2000 Board Member, Hungarian Independent Film and Video Associati

We have been working together for more than ten years. We have made several experimental films and composed some experimental music under the pseudonym of Igor and Ivan Buharov. We also started the 40 Labor Group in 1995. Other members of the group are Vasile Croat and István Nyolczas. We held surrealistic audiovisual performances where the image, the music and the words became an organic whole after chaos.
We usually use super 8 technique when making our feature films. In the beginning we used expired raw material exploiting the organizing element of the unintentional. We also compose the pieces of experimental music that accompany our films.
We founded the Kaos Camping Group with László Csáki, József Szolnoki and Csaba Vándor seven years ago. We use 8- and 16-millimeter projectors to project images while a band or a Dj playing music. So far we have had about 50 shows in several places in Hungary as well as in Europe.
We finished our third feature film in February “Slow Mirror”, and we won the Best experimental award and Best producer award.

Performances, concerts

1995 – The Iron Worker and the Tuft of Hair – Eger
1996 – The Dream of the TV Repairman – Eger
1996 – The Cold Seed – Ráckeve
1996 – Use Your Own Copy – Győr
1996 – “Lecture On Nothing” – based on the book “Silence” by John Cage
1997 – Why didn’t they tell us? – Budapest
1998 – Holiday in Yugoslavia – Eger
1998 – Hesk, the robot – Korlát
1998 – Obstacle to Sadness – Ljubljana
1999 – Modest Forgiveness – Eger
2000 – Shocking Disease – Budapest

Short and Feature Films

Sunday 5 min. 1995
Monday 6 min. 1996
Metroul 6 min. 1996
Goodbye Mama! 5 min. 1997
Wake Up Mumu! 6 min. 1997
The Programme 75 min. 1998
Tales for Cruel People 7 min. 1999
Concern of One’s Fellow Man 6 min. 1999
The Triumph of Sympathy 75 min. 2000
Hotel Tubu 6 min. 2002
Is the Killer Going to the Cemetery? 8 min. 2003
Oneheadword Protection 7 min. 2006
Slow mirror 84 min. 2007

Documentary Films

You aren’t Asking Anyone These Days 35 min. 1999
Ultra-Rational Nomadic Person 40 min. 2000
Music is the Soul of a Musician 37 min. 2002
Diary of an Unknown Man 52 min. 2004
Promenade – Portrait of Ernő Király 42 min. 2005
Modern Romeo 60 min. 2006


Petőfi Cultural House Győr 1998
Künstlerhaus Mousontrum Frankfurt 1999
Pool Gallery Vienna 2004
Dinamó Budapest 2004
Galerie IG BILDENDE KUNST Vienna 2004
Kunstpavillion Innsbruck 2005
Millenáris Budapest 2005
Onomato Köln 2006
Hattyúház Pécs 2006
Stúdió Galéria Budapest 2006
Stúdió Galéria Budapest 2007
Bethanien Kuenstlerhaus Berlin 2007

40 Labor
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Experimental KÁLDY László (Hungary)

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Short Fiction VÍZKELETI Dániel (Hungary / Germany)
What happens if a girl looking for her mentally handicapped brother meets a boy loking gentleman at first and then it turns out he isn't at all. PASSPORT CONTROL 5 International Film Workshop 25 April - 3 May, 2008 Győr, Hungary The aim of the „PASSPORT CONTROL” project is to help the artistic activity and cooperation of the young people from Europe and the different regions of Asia in international context...

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Experimental / Animation VADÓCZ Péter (Hungary)
As you walking on the streets, the flags of EU-countries are come into sight anything you just look at. The EU is in the objects, in the creatures, in the people. The colorful EU is around us. An experimental spot to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the European Union.

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Short Fiction KÁLDY László (Hungary)

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Experimental KÁLDY László (Hungary)

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Feature BUHAROV Igor & BUHAROV Ivan (Hungary)
Do you know what barman pours for spirits? Do you know what drink the barman pours? If your lover pours the drink, it's your destruction, If the drink is fiery, inside it brings illumination. Drink intoxication's drink, be consumed by love! A drop happily seeks its death in the ocean's water. All the world's a bar and things in it merely glasses, Our friend raises his glass for...

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Short Fiction / Experimental Anh VU & William CAMPBELL (USA)
The Lemon Tree is a short experimental narrative. It addresses our constant hunt for perfection. The closer we think we are the more distorted our memory of it becomes.

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Documentary OPRA Vilmos (Hungary)

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Documentary AMBRUS Emese (Romania)
Tudor Lakatos is a 4o years old gipsy teacher in the geto of Somcuta. He wants to be famous as an Elvis Presley imitator. He translates most of the King`s songs into gipsy language. One day under the name of Elvis Rromano (Gipsy Elvis) he sets of with his guitar to Constanta to try his luck performing rock and rrom (gipsy rock).

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Documentary NAGY Péter (Hungary)
A picture report about the exhibition of the Rómer-House Photo Group. (28. September, 2002. Petőfi Community Centre). The photos were taken at the rehearsals of the Dance and Fine Art School of Győr. Exhibitors: Alexander Montag, Koppány Hoóz, Péter Nagy, Renáta Takács.
Film adatok

Category: MEDIAWAVE Festival / Gathering / MEDIAWAVE 2008

Genre: Experimental

Program Type: International Competition

Nationalities: Hungary

Year: 1997

Premiere: World premier

Film adatok

Director: BUHAROV Igor, BUHAROV Ivan

5 min. 1997 Super 8, Black & White, szöveg nélkül

Production: Álomvadász Kft.

Screenplay: Igor, Ivan Buharov

Operatőr: Igor, Ivan Buharov

Zeneszerző: Ivan, Igor Buharov, Vasile Croat

Szereplők: Ivan Buharov, Pallagi Jánosné

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