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Hungary / Italy / USA
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Rómer ház, Győr, Hungary

14-15 November, 2003




Székely Adél


MEDIAWAVE Alapítvány
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Documentary / Music Hartyándi Jenő (Hungary)
Tóth Viktor – szaxofon, Cseke Gábor – zongora, Szandai Mátyás – bőgő, Mohay András – dob Rómer ház, Győr, Hungary 14-15 November, 2003

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Short Fiction CS. NAGY Sándor (Hungary)
One part of the movie builds up from the photo material of Hong Kong before it's annexation to China, when the atmosphere was simular to the old West-Berlin. The other part of the movie is based on the world - imaginary to some extent - of a Chinese settler who migrated to Hungary because of the uncertainty of changes. This film is about yearning for leaving and returning, abou...

5 (2)
Documentary MAKÓ Andrea (Hungary)
The Ojtoz pass runs along the border of Moldova and Transylvania. Hundreds of trucks are coming and going between the two territories but somehow it still looks forgotten. This is where the Jánó brothers, Gyula and Elemér live. They do woodcarving and work on their house daily. The postman comes once a month and then it is posibble for them to hitchhike to the city. They buy fruit and coffee in the market...

5 (1)
Documentary / Music Tóth János (France / Hungary / Germany / Serbia / Turkey)
MEDIAWAVE Festival ‘2008 Yard of Romer House, Győr, Hungary 2 May dawn SESSION - FRANK GRATKOWSKI (GER) & FLORIAN DEMONSANT (FRA) & CANER ATAGÜN (KURD) & HERB ROBERTSON (USA) & stb. While a part of the audience was dancing in the Underground Club to the music of Dj Pamach, a group of young people were drumming. First on different instruments coming out of bags, later they were drumming on everything...

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Documentary CS. NAGY Sándor (Hungary)
99 percent of the inhabitants of Parajd are Hungarian; there's a little more of reformed than catholic. They live off their lands (although they are not of high quality) and timbering. Some of them work in the local mine. The village is famous for its own brass band since 1898, and the medicinal salt mine. It's also known for its sinucides. Parajd has had the highest number of ...

5 (2)
Documentary / Music Hartyándi Jenő (Hungary)
Wessely Ágnes - vocal, guitar, Barta Balázs - bass, Máté Zoltán - percussion Guest: Tóth Viktor - saxophone Rómer ház, Győr, Hungary 15 November, 2003

5 (3)
Short Fiction / Dance Kránitz Barbara (Hungary)
Supported by: Norway Grants

5 (1)
Feature NAGY Kata (Hungary)
This is a story of an appartment, two people and a third, a balcony and a few penguins, desires and memories, words and silence, possibilities and defeat: a simple story about a few hours during which - just as usual - nothing really happens

4.9 (10)
Documentary / Music Silló Sándor (France / Poland / Hungary / Germany / USA)
TÓTH VIKTOR TERCETT (HUN/USA) Tóth Viktor – sax, Kovács Ferenc - trumpet, violin, Szandai Mátyás – bass, Hamid Drake – drums Hamid Drake is concidered as one of the greatest jazz drummers of the world. The trio was born during the works of the MEDIAWAVE INTERNATIONAL IMPROVISED MUSIC WORKSHOP (2004-2006). The workshop was led by William Parker, and provided it...

4.9 (7)
Documentary / Music Hartyándi Jenő (Hungary)
ZoZo / Zoltan Csernak - piano, keyboard instruments, Kores / Kornel D. Szabo - doublebass/bass, vocal Ádám / Adam Sinkovics - sax, distortion, Csabi / Csaba Czimerman - drum, percussion, Dalma / Dalma Berger - vocal Rómer ház / house Győr, Hungary 20 December, 2008 "You can hear effects and elements of break’n bossa, acid jazz, swing, trip-hop and folk from us, packed into an unfizzy conception...
Film adatok

Director: Székely Adél

60 min. 2003 DV, Black & White, szöveg nélkül



Operatőr: Székely Adél, Szolnoki József

Vágó: Gazsó Zsuzsanna, Schendl Barnabás, Székely Adél

Szereplők: hang, sound: Tóth Péter

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