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WebTV is presented in a totally new shape offering our audience several view options. First of all you can watch the programmes the same way you do it on your TV by opening them. Naturally the difference between webTV and regualr tv programmes is the fact you can stop and continue or repeat the programmes whenever you want to. 

If you find a movie in the programme guide, which is currently not active, then you can search its title in the film archive and you can watch it there. 
We greatly recommend you to search for films in the film archive, which gives you a hand in different ways to find the movie you are looking for. On one hand it contains several movies' database. a part of the films are accessible on the website, the other part of them can be found on dvd or vhs in our film archive which opens in February, 2009.  
If you have any questions, comments, ideas about the film archive, please, do not hesitate to contact us: hartyand@mediawave.hu

Népszerű filmek

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Documentary / Dance Dömötör Péter (Hungary)
PASSPORT CONTROL 36 MEDIAWAVE FILM WORKSHOP 1-8 Augustus, 2015, Kisharsány, Hungary supported by: NKA National Film Found MEDIAWAVE PRODUCTION 2015

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Experimental Antal Attila (Hungary / Serbia)
Clipp Supported by: Norway Grants

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Short Fiction Jean-Yves CHALANGEAS & Fabrice MATHIEU (France)
Doctor Kill, the best professional killer, must kill the luckiest man of the world. But the killer is always caught in one's own trap.

4.9 (15)
Documentary / Music Silló Sándor (Hungary / USA)
TM Stevens - bass, lead vox, Stevie Salas - guitar, backing vox, Delmar Brown - keys, Garry "G Man" Sullivan - drums, backing vox TM Steven's skill and proficiency globally as a bassist and vocalist is legendary. A luminous figure amongst today's bassists, he has unbelievable energy, stunning stage presence and knows how to win a crowd over within minutes. His ferocious, yet me...
Új filmek

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Animation Begoña VICARIO (Spain)
Euxebi’s father was killed during the war. In her youth, Euxebi suffered Francoist repression and, to this day, despite the fact that the dictatorship ended long ago, she has not had the change to recover the memory of her father. After many years, when they finally open the grave where her father is, Euxebi puts a picture next to his bones.

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Documentary Toma STENKO (Georgia)
Each night they go out to the sea, cast their nets and ask the god of the sea to provide their catch. None of them are young any more, and they catch a little fish, a red mullet. This red mullet is key to the prosperity of their wives, children and entire families… The film is without dialogue, featuring only the roar of the waves, the cries of seagulls, and the enchanting music of Piazzolla…

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Short Fiction Sylvain COISNE (France)
Dylan, Yanis and Hugo’s foster son, passed away a few months ago. The men struggle to understand each other's emotions and dealing with their loss seems impossible.

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Short Fiction Yana ANTONETS (Ukraine)
An absurd black comedy about a ridiculous incident during a funeral. None of the guests could possibly imagine that the body embark on an unlikely journey… no-one, except for the tractor driver, a pair of poachers, two fishing control officers and the staff of the local hospital … One can only wonder how this bizarre funeral might end…




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Documentary Victor EDE (France)
In 1989 the Berlin Wall comes down and leaves a large gaping wasteland in the heart of the City. Young people from all over Europe pitch themselves into the "no man's land" left behind by history and fill it with the chaos of their existence, their desires, their violence. At this time, artist and graduate anthropologist Ralph Marsault immerses himself into life in the "Wagenbu...

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Documentary CZENCZ József (Hungary)
Ferenc Kovács Magony doesn't only know what secret of life is, but also shows it to you. It is nothing else but to understand and teach the order of things, thus by making it vivid make it public treasure as well.

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Short Fiction Gregg SMITH (France)
A young man applies for a job with responsabilities in a small town. His hiring talk evolves strangely: not only the couple who receives him seems not very concerned with his application, but also the woman's body is sometimes in the grip of gesture she doesn't control, as if she was performing a unintentional choreography.

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