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Népszerű filmek

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animáció / kisjátékfilm Yulyia Koscheeva (RUS) (Magyarország / Oroszország)

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dokumentumfilm Sára Sándor (Magyarország)

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kisjátékfilm Ramón ALÓS (Spanyolország)
Before and after kissing Maria narrates, from the point of view of Raúl, a 9 year-old child from a small village in the Spanish countryside, his adventures to kiss Maria, his 12 year-old cousin, which as every summer, has come to the village to spend her holidays.

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dokumentumfilm / zenefilm Silló Sándor (Magyarország / USA)
TM Stevens - bass, lead vox, Stevie Salas - guitar, backing vox, Delmar Brown - keys, Garry "G Man" Sullivan - drums, backing vox TM Steven's skill and proficiency globally as a bassist and vocalist is legendary. A luminous figure amongst today's bassists, he has unbelievable energy, stunning stage presence and knows how to win a crowd over within minutes. His ferocious, yet me...
Új filmek

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kisjátékfilm Ernesto MARTÍNEZ BUCIO (Mexikó)
I can’t tell my name. I have 3 months of pregnancy. They pay us to take care of people with my boyfriend. We want to leave. Have enough money but they brought another guess. He’s 8 years old. We didn’t take care of any kid before. He’s getting sick and my boyfriend doesn’t want to do anything. I shouldn’t take him outside It’s dangerous if M...

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kisjátékfilm Shahriar POURSEYEDIAN (Irán)
Mohamad is a boy who sees the world around him from his own point of view. New year is coming and he has a dream…

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dokumentumfilm Nicola Stephanie SANGS (Magyarország)
Karcsi is disabled, forced into a wheelchair. His world revolves around performance, around music and friends. In his every day life, he often has to rely on people’s help, but when he dances he develops an energy and an ability which let his disability disappear, leaving us with an extraordinary feeling of fascination. ‘Steps’ is a choreography of life; a dan...

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dokumentumfilm Shahriar POURSEYEDIAN (Irán)
Morovat and Mahin are disabled brother and sister whose home was flooded.


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kisjátékfilm Patrick BITTAR (Franciaország)
In a forest, a young wanderer meets a witch and accepts to help her carry a huge bundle of grass to her shack. This is the start of an initiatory journey, through which he will uncover the mystery that veils the beauty of a young goose keeper…

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dokumentumfilm / zenefilm Silló Sándor (Magyarország / USA)
A TRIBUTE CONCERT IN MEMORIAM JOHN COLTRANE (USA/HUN) Part 2 Leader: Chris Potter Chris Potter - szaxofon (USA) Rob Brown - szaxofon (USA) Dresch Mihály - szaxofon Grencsó István - szaxofon Jan Kus - szaxofon (SLK) Szandai Mátyás - bőgő Mohay András - dob

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dokumentumfilm Sonia PASTECCHIA (Belgium)
Emigrating means mourning the land that we were born in and which, once behind us, becomes a sacred place in our memory to which we are attached. The director’s parents left their native village of Esanatoglia in Italy to come and work in Belgium in the fifties.

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dokumentumfilm Marcin LATALLO (Lengyelország)
A story of one of the most controversial figures in psychotherapy. ‘Constellations’, a therapy developed by Bert Hellinger and involving the participation of an audience is, by some, considered the most important discovery in this field in a hundred years and by others, a sham. We observe therapy sessions and their influence upon the lives of selected individuals from Germany and Poland.

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