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WebTV is presented in a totally new shape offering our audience several view options. First of all you can watch the programmes the same way you do it on your TV by opening them. Naturally the difference between webTV and regualr tv programmes is the fact you can stop and continue or repeat the programmes whenever you want to. 

If you find a movie in the programme guide, which is currently not active, then you can search its title in the film archive and you can watch it there. 
We greatly recommend you to search for films in the film archive, which gives you a hand in different ways to find the movie you are looking for. On one hand it contains several movies' database. a part of the films are accessible on the website, the other part of them can be found on dvd or vhs in our film archive which opens in February, 2009.  
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Népszerű filmek

1.5 (2)
Documentary Hartyándi Jenő (Hungary / Serbia)
This werkfilm is a quick report about the final touches of Attila Antal's (director from Subotica) film shooting in Győr. More exactly about the last scene's records taking place in a middle age prison of the old county house of Győr. The film, the list of the crew and the sponsors can be found in the attachement! The last scene in this case is not equal with the final frames b...

5 (2)
Short Fiction Antal Attila (Hungary)
The professional crew and their assistants from Győr (MEDIAWAVE Passport Control Film Workshop) worked in harmony from the second day on and the actors and actresses of the National Theatre of Győr were excellent in their roles. After developing the 16mm film prints, the editing and sounding works will start today. Saturday, on the closing night of the Passport Control Workshop...

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Experimental Antal Attila (Hungary / Serbia)
Clipp Supported by: Norway Grants

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Documentary Gali WEINTRAUB (Izrael)
I began to look for a subject for my final film project and just then my nephew was born. I started to think about how I could raise a child, with my disability and I began to take an interest in handicapped people who had raised children. I met Zehava Padnes, a polio victim , a mother of 2 children dreaming of dancing and Oren Braier, a young man who specialized in folk dance,...
Új filmek

0 (0)
Documentary / Music Hartyándi Jenő (Hungary)
Mediawave Gathering 30 April - 4 May, 2019 Fort Monostor, Komárom, Hungary

0 (0)
Documentary / Music Hartyándi Jenő (Hungary / Serbia)
Branislav Radojkovic - bass Djordje Mijuskovic - violin Goran Milosevic - drums, percussion Rastko Uzunovic - clarinet, saxophone Mediawave Gathering 30 April - 4 May, 2019 Fort Monostor, Komárom, Hungary

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Short Fiction Bart Schrijver (Netherlands)
Window cleaner Dennis falls from the 40th floor of a high rise. He is in luck: He gets stuck outside the 33th floor, hanging helplessly outside the window of Debbie, who is getting ready for a date. Because of the soundproof glass the conversation is awkward and difficult. The clumsy situations build and build in this bizarre comedy, filled with miscommunication.

0 (0)
Documentary Hartyándi Jenő (Hungary)


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Experimental / Dance VILLÁNYI László (Hungary)
Gentle body shakes of a dancer .

0 (0)
Experimental David FINKELSTEIN (USA)
Based on a completely improvised performance, "Reproductive Technology" examines how our consciousness is shaped by the mechanics of our biological existence: birth, death and reproduction. Pregnant male seahorses, a carnivorous phone booth, a gynecologist with a rubber fetish, and a comforter filled with sea creatures are all examined, along with numerous other images, in a qu...

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Dance (Hungary)

0 (0)
Short Fiction Doria ACHOUR (Franciaország, Tunézia)
Aymen arrives in Marseille after crossing the Mediterranean. He found his sister that he has not seen since twenty years.

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Animation Arnaud DEMUYNCK (France / Belgium)
A man is in prison. His companion of cell is tortured to death. When the guards come for him, he manages to escape them. By this desperate attempt, he reaches however the roof of the building. From the watchtowers, a soldier threatens him: then the prisoner expresses all the measurement of its freedom.


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