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HAPPY NEW YEAR - special music films and webTV new programme

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WebTV is presented in a totally new shape offering our audience several view options. First of all you can watch the programmes the same way you do it on your TV by opening them. Naturally the difference between webTV and regualr tv programmes is the fact you can stop and continue or repeat the programmes whenever you want to. 

If you find a movie in the programme guide, which is currently not active, then you can search its title in the film archive and you can watch it there. 
We greatly recommend you to search for films in the film archive, which gives you a hand in different ways to find the movie you are looking for. On one hand it contains several movies' database. a part of the films are accessible on the website, the other part of them can be found on dvd or vhs in our film archive which opens in February, 2009.  
If you have any questions, comments, ideas about the film archive, please, do not hesitate to contact us: hartyand@mediawave.hu

Népszerű filmek

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Experimental Antal Attila (Hungary / Serbia)
Clipp Supported by: Norway Grants

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Documentary / Music HARTYÁNDI Jenő (Hungary / Romania)
Short fragment from the FILM MESSAGE FROM GYIMES. Total film - click here! music documentary - a few Hungarian text - Right after revolution in Romania I started to go Gyimes with my fellows to collect folk music, to have a holiday there or just to visit friends. Have I been caught by the people living closed so far in the brook valleys of the high Carpatians, by the manner of ...

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Documentary / Dance Dömötör Péter (Hungary)
PASSPORT CONTROL 36 MEDIAWAVE FILM WORKSHOP 1-8 Augustus, 2015, Kisharsány, Hungary supported by: NKA National Film Found MEDIAWAVE PRODUCTION 2015
Új filmek

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Documentary / Music Hartyándi Jenő (Hungary)

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Documentary / Music Hartyándi Jenő (Australia / Hungary)

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Documentary / Music Both Miklós (Hungary)
PASSPORT CONTROL 47 MEDIAWAVE SUMMER FILM CAMP 17-23 July, 2019, Somogyfajsz, Hungary supported by: National Film Found MEDIAWAVE PRODUCTION 2019

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Documentary Pálinkás Márton (Hungary / Romania / Serbia)
PASSPORT CONTROL 47 MEDIAWAVE SUMMER FILM CAMP 17-23 July, 2019, Somogyfajsz, Hungary supported by: National Film Found MEDIAWAVE PRODUCTION 2019


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Documentary / Music Szabó Károly (Hungary / Romania)
PASSPORT CONTROL 47 MEDIAWAVE SUMMER FILM CAMP 17-23 July, 2019, Somogyfajsz, Hungary supported by: National Film Found MEDIAWAVE PRODUCTION 2019

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Documentary / Music Silló Sándor (Hungary / USA)
Dave Douglas – trumpet, Chris Potter – saxophone, Uri Cane – organ, James Genus – bass, Clarence Penn – drums Dave Douglas has become one of the most original and prolific trumpeters/composers of his generation. Born March 24, 1963, in Montclair, New Jersey, Douglas grew up in the New York Metropolitan area. He started playing piano at age five and...

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Documentary Florian MICHAELSEN (USA / Germany)
A picnic on the tailgate of a pick-up truck, in place of an extra-large popcorn in atheater seat? Ball games under the big screen, instead of blockbusters in 15 identical screening rooms? Ultra-short wave in place of Dolby Surround? Drive-in versus multiplex? In the land of boundless superlatives, a German cinematographer searches for an alternative cinema experience.

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Documentary / Music Hartyandi Jenő (Hungary)
Tobias Klein – alto saxophone Jasper Stadhouders – guitar Goncalo Almeida – e.bass Philipp Moser – drums special guest: Piotr Damasiewicz – trumpet Are You FREE? internatiomal musicfestival 2014 11 October 2014 Venue: NFG klub, Korzo B. Bartóka 788/1, Dunajská Streda The music festival „Are you Free?” is a festival of particular genres....

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Documentary MAGYAR nemzeti Attila (Hungary)
Street comedians at Écs. With József Szolnoki, at the field Mezőszéle, Écs. . With uncle Sanyi Mezei, who talks about the end of the world and a UFO landing in Écs. (Buharov brothers). Games and gulyás at the village border, between Románd and Bakonypéterd. Report with Jenő Hartyándi organizer (Ravazd). Shaman bon fire in the bus-destination of Écs. Bakonyalji Vigasságok 2002 a...
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