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The Dress

United Kingdom
Rendező: Maggie FORD
13:58 min. 2007 BetacamSP, színes,
szöveg nélkül
Forgalmazó: Maggie Ford
Gyártó: Maggie Ford
Forgatókönyv: Maggie Ford
Operatőr: Will Hutchison
Zeneszerző: Jackie Walduck
Vágó: Jonathon Newton, Phil Hawks
Celine Beigbeder, Jarrod Cook, Marcus Hercules

The Dress: A contemporary myth. A Dress, a pilgrim, goes on a journey through a perfect summer landscape of childhood dreams into a nightmare world of violence and fear. But the unexpected end to the journey brings the possibility of hope and redemption.

Fontosabb bemutatási helyek:
European Film Festival on Wheels Kars Nov. 2007
Maggie FORD


Maggie spent many years as an actor before concentrating on directing for both theatre and screen. Her first screen project was commissioned by Channel 4 and was a surreal drama based on the life of a heroin addict who also co-wrote and featured in the piece: Treading on my Tale. Maggie's first short, "Where the Cows Go" went on to be shown on many international TV channels as well as winning Festival awards in Chicago and Cork. Other screen work includes TV directing - episodes of EastEnders, a drama for YTV - and projects developed through her own company including "Made of Clay" featuring the Derbyshire village where she lives. Her first project with Community Rites was an improvised drama with young people in Manchester: "Two Wheels and a Baby." This dealt with great humour, issues around teenage pregnancy and disability. It has a very powerful central performance by a first-time actor with cerebral palsy, Peter Keeley. Both "Made of Clay" and "Two Wheels and a Baby" can be viewed on the http://showcase.commedia.org.uk

Community Rites


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