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ARCHIVE - Passport Control 1-41 - MEDIAWAVE Art Workshops :: PASSPORT CONTROL 3 - Altai & Novosibirsk (Russia), 2007 :: 27 August - 1 September, 2007, GYŐR -NOVOSIBIRSK, train

26 August - 1 September

Jenő Hartyándi:

The young participants of our group set out by train to surmount the 5000 kms long distance. On one hand it costs half of the flight ticket. On the other hand, with a change in Moscow, they could watch half of Russia from the train, which is, in itself, a film and photo theme. Not only the view, but also the people travelling on the train, the vivid and crowded stations at bigger stations where one can get off for a short while. So it seemed quite exciting and exotic to travel with the Trans-Siberian Express with transport legends in its coaches. (We, the oldmen - I and Peter Szabo - travelled by plane, planning to arrive at the same time with the others. Not just because of  comfort and the lack of wanderlust but we could not allow such a time-waste at the beginning of the new season. The 15 days awaiting for us seemed to be a long time...)

Previously we discussed what kind of ideas we would realise on the way. I recommended an experimental film for them to watch. This film was shot on the Trans-Siberian Express from Moscow till Bejing and it was screened at the MEDIAWAVE Festival in competition.

I warned them that a long trip like that is a big trial. Being locked together can easily lead to the collapse of the community which problem need to handle. I can't write their experiences instead of them, I hope some of them will devote some time to summarize the experiences and moods.
The group spent half a day in Moscow with helping guidance of the Hungarian Cultural Institute and Sandor Kozlov. Thanks for them!

Tour coordinator: Zsuzsa Gazsó (film - director)
Workshop participants:
Gabriella Dohi (interpreter, editor) 
Dani Eszter (cameraman)
Attila Nagy (photo, cameraman)
Ákos Szeift (photo, cameraman)
Péter Pusker (MEDIAWAVE music organiser) 
Gabor Jakab (tourist, contact person)
(he took the photos you could see on the picture) 

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